Rise up and join our movement.

Without knowing where we come from, we are incapable of clearly perceiving the future. We understand our past, we understand our history and we have faith that our hard work in the present will beget the future we envision. We honor those who came before us and fought so we could walk in freedom. Their sacrifice eliminated any excuse to remain complacent. The blood of the departed inadvertently charges us with a responsibility to posterity. That for the short time we occupy this earth, we live every day aware of this charge and unsettled until the day when the children of the bright continent take their place. Until the day that we are not only seen, but also heard. Until the day that our communities thrive in good health and prosperity. Our work is a tribute to those that came before; shaking hands with history as if to say, “Yes, I understand.” As if to say, “Yes, I will pick up where you left off.”

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