who we are

My Afrika My Voice is a community based youth activism project that works in resource deficient communities targeting school-aged children between the ages of 12 - 17 years. Our mission is to develop the next generation of leaders and thinkers through creative problem solving and capacity building. The initiative is designed to improve efficacy  in youth by coupling the educational approach to social studies with  community engagement. Our goal is to create a culture of youth self-determination by  encouraging youth-initiated leadership projects that strengthen the community. The youth are central to the initiative’s mission serving as the targets of change and the primary agents of change. 

APPROACH: The youth are challenged to think critically about the problems in their community and how these problems have affected the quality of life for them, their families and the community at large. We take it a step further and engage them in discussions about potential solutions that are both implementable by youth and do not place blame on the government. After group problem solving sessions and in depth discussions, the students determine what they deem as most important to address and begin creating a framework for how to execute a project that would address the identified issues. Ultimately, the goal is to develop their ideas into feasible community projects. My Afrika My Voice seeks to enhance their education by incorporating an experiential component to learning social studies where they don't only learn about their community but also recognize that they can play a vital role in improving the the livelihood of its members. By enabling the youth to critically think through potential solutions, we are essentially raising a more conscious and practically empowered generation of future leaders.


Phase 1: Alter a mindset

  • Enable students to value their own perspectives and articulate their ideas
  • Leadership development and mentorship
  • Qualitative analysis of youth perspectives

Phase 2: Project Development

  • Mentorship and project design in collaboration with local  youth empowerment organizations

Phase 3: Project Implementation

  • Implementation of a youth initiated and youth-driven  community project that was birthed in the mind of the youth

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